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Kemma Filby is an Irish actress, screenwriter, and producer based in LA. She holds a Masters in Screenwriting from Azusa Pacific University. Her prominent acting credits include IT'S ALWAYS SUNNY IN PHILADELPHIA, Amazon Prime’s LIFE ITSELF, Apple TV’s THE SHRINK NEXT DOOR (starring/ produced by Will Ferrell and Paul Rudd), Sony’s SECRET AGENT DINGLEDORF, TV pilot RAPTURE CAMP, and PSYCHE & ME.


On the production side, Kemma has worked with some of the largest players in the entertainment industry - Paramount Pictures, Amazon Studios, FilmNation Entertainment, Disney/Pixar, Nickelodeon, and more. Kemma is the CEO and co-founder of Seasick Studios currently producing their first feature film, MR. USA (unannounced cast).


She performs stand up comedy and improv around Los Angeles. Kemma’s favourite movies are Ron Howard’s THE GRINCH, MAMMA MIA, BROOKLYN, and LITTLE WOMEN.

“I have always been passionate about actor education and getting rid of gatekeepers that prevent artists from having access to it. My childhood was split between time in Dublin and time in rural Illinois. In neither place did I feel like I had proper access to the information I needed to launch my acting career. There was no one in my circle who could guide me in this path. Now as an adult with an acting education worth, quite literally, hundred of thousands of dollars, I am determined to create resources and training programs that are accessible to actors anywhere in the world. I want to be an aid to anyone who has the same hunger for acting that I have. The entertainment industry is full of gatekeepers and I want to hand out the keys.”

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